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Our highly trained team of experts are well equipped to perform several inspection and testing services for your sanitary and storm sewer systems including but not limited to; CCTV & Lateral Launch inspections through to Fog, Air and Mandrel testing. We're also equipped and experienced in developing and executing sewer inspection programs.

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Video (CCTV Inspection)

Whether it be a quick survey, a maintenance inspection, or a long-term project, we're able to provide a full range of video services using CCTV technology. Using our state of the art cameras, equipment and data collection software, we're able to inspect and identify issues such as infiltration, exfiltration, deterioration, joint separation/offsets, breaks, root intrusion and more. Using the data collected and analyzed, our experienced team can prioritize decisions for on-going maintenance, repairs and rehabilitation.

Lateral Launch Inspections

Our state of the art CCTV equipment enables us to perform lateral launch inspections/surveys for a branch of sewers, pipes and lines from the mainline using a single access point. The mainlines are inspected at the same time as the laterals, making it efficient while also being non-intrusive. Lateral inspections are often also completed in advance of other construction work to identify lines and ensure safety, which will ultimately mitigate infrastructure damage.

Hurricane SMS
Hurricane SMS

Fog Testing

Fog testing is useful in identifying the location of defects, improper connections, breaks and cracks in a line/pipe system which may cause unwanted infiltration into the system of exfiltration out of the system. Harmless vapour is blown into the lines at controlled access points and the locations where the fog exits the system are identified for further investigated as required.

Air Testing

Plugging each end of a pipe and pressurizing it allows testing of an entire line. Should there be a leak, further testing can then occur in sections to pinpoint the problem area. Air testing can find issues that may not be visible using just a CCTV camera which is why although offered as a stand-alone service, it's often performed together with flushing and CCTV inspections.

Hurricane SMS
Hurricane SMS

Mandrel Testing

Also known as deflection testing, mandrel testing is used to ensure that flexible pipe materials meet provided specifications and that there are no deformations (the pipe is still round) due to load on the pipe. The test is performed by pulling a mandrel set to a specified diameter through a section of pipe.

Inspection Programs

Well equipped and experienced in developing and executing sewer inspection programs

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Cleaning & Repair

Our inspection and testing services are often performed in combination with our cleaning and repair services. Using our extensive fleet of equipment including combination units and grout units, we're able to clean, repair and maintain sewer and sanitary lines.

  • Flushing & Cleaning
  • Trenchless Repairs
  • Chemical Grouting
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