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Our highly trained team of experts are well equipped to perform several inspection and testing services for your sanitary and storm sewer systems including but not limited to; CCTV & Lateral Launch inspections through to Fog, Air and Mandrel testing. We're also equipped and experienced in developing and executing sewer inspection programs.

Hurricane SMS

Flushing & Cleaning

Our fleet of combination flusher units provide flexibility, with their adjustable high-pressure cleaning of any sanitary and storm sewer systems, drains manholes, and catch basins. The flusher units use high-pressure water in conjunction with the powerful vacuum systems to quickly and efficiently clear blocked lines and remove debris, sludge, organics, and more. Flushing can be used as part of a maintenance program or in emergencies through our 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service.

Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless repairs use a variety of methods, materials, equipment and construction techniques to install, replace, or repair underground infrastructure such as sanitary and storm with minimal intrusion and disturbance to surrounding areas. The result is fast, efficient and cost-effective repairs when compared to traditional open pit and trench excavation repairs. These repairs, when coupled with a regular maintenance and inspection program, can extend the life of existing sanitary and sewer infrastructure.

Hurricane SMS
Hurricane SMS

Chemical Grouting

This type of repair can fix both infiltration and exfiltration issues at joints, connections and cracks. It seals the line/pipe from the inside out by permeating into the external soil and voids around the leak. Once the problem area is isolated, a tool applies pressure forcing the chemical grout compound through the joints and crack creating a watertight seal.

Maintenance Programs

Well equipped and experienced in developing and executing sewer maintenance programs

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Inspections & Testing

Our cleaning and repair services are often provided in combination with our inspection and testing services. Using our fleet of equipment including mainline cameras equipped with lateral launch capabilities we're able to inspect, test and analyze sewer and sanitary systems which in turn creates directives for maintenance, cleaning and repairs.

  • Video (CCTV Inspection)
  • Lateral Launch Inspections
  • Fog Testing
  • Air Testing
  • Mandrel Testing
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